The Backyard Next Door for Solo Clarinet (2024)  - Intermediate level clarinet etude.

Chromatic Invention No. 1 for Solo Piano (2024)  - Intermediate level piano etude.

Three Movements for Oboe and Piano (2023)  - Intermediate level oboe solo with piano accompaniment.

Small Ensemble/Chamber

Dreamscapes (2023) - Intermediate level vibraphone and marimba duet.


Neon Dreams (Concert Percussion Indoor Show Concept)  - University of Indianapolis Upper Divisional Project (2024)

Can't Catch Me Now (By Olivia Rodrigo) - Front Ensemble Lot Tune (2024)

Watery Graves (From Plants vs Zombies) - Front Ensemble Lot Tune (2023)

**All music available for PDF download upon request.