Three Movements for Oboe and Piano (2023)

Three Movements For Oboe and Piano 2023.wav

Duration: ca. 4'54''
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Program notes: My initial project in composition lessons at the University of Indianapolis, under the tutelage of Dr. John Berners, was this composition with three movements. The first movement captures the experience of a day filled with unpleasant incidents, such as the sound of someone relentlessly pounding on a keyboard or a musician straining to hit notes beyond their usual range. The second movement showcases the lovely harmony that can arise when various instruments come together, concluding with a nod to the first movement. The third movement builds upon these themes while introducing the concept of the lighthearted “playful” approach that should be adopted during performances, emphasizing that not every piece of music needs to be taken seriously all the time.

MIDI recording available above.